Commissioned Family Portrait


Commissioned Family Portrait

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The key to a really good story is characters with depth and complexity. Before any animator or illustrator can begin a project, they think long and hard about how the character will look, what their strengths are, what their flaws are, what are their dreams, why they do the things they do. They keep asking why until there are no more questions, and a character comes to life. 

One of my absolute favorite ways to study art is sit at a cafe and sketch passerby. I try to capture the gestures and features that make that person unique and imagine what their personalities might be. While this activity is great for studying form and gesture, I am able to create most dynamic character when I am able to talk to  the person themselves or someone who loves them.

After you have filled out the form and I have received your order, we begin the discovery process. I will reach out with questions that will help me get an idea of the characters you would like me to illustrate. Have multiple photos ready to send that you believe capture the personality of the subject. Candids, photos of the person doing what they love or being unapologetically themselves work really well. My process does not involve copying a photograph, but using multiple resources to build a unique image.

Choosing your format options: 

Note that all illustrations are created digitally unless otherwise negotiated. 


When you choose the digital option, this means you will receive a digital copy of your illustration straight to your inbox. This option is perfect for:

  • Printing or creating your own: 

  • Invitations

  • Holiday Cards

  • Stationary

  • Stickers

  • Ordering custom merchandise: mugs, pillows, canvas print, Blankets etc.

  • E-vites 

  • Custom online framing services (ex:

  • You would like to print multiple versions    

Turnaround time for digital: 3-4 weeks


When you choose the print option, you will receive a digital copy of the illustration to your inbox as well as a printed, signed copy to your doorstep. Your artwork will be printed on Extra heavy cotton stock using an archival printing process. This option is perfect for:

  • All the uses above

  • if you would like us to handle the printing process 

  • you would like a signed, one of a kind print. 

Turnaround time for Print: 4-6 weeks

Backgrounds & Lettering

Backgrounds are limited to a suggestion of an environment important to your story. A few simple elements and or landmarks or will be added to convey a sense of place. However. fully fleshed out complex scenes are subject to additional fees and will be discussed in the discovery process. 

Lettering is limited to a simple word or phrase that contributes to your story or character. For example “The Mailloux Family”, “Happy Holidays” or “Home is wherever I’m with you.” Longer poems or quotes will be subject to additional fees.