Society of Illustrators NYC

The society show was incredible. I grew up going to NYC every year to visit my uncles, but I'm always so overwhelmed by cities, I didn't know what to do when we got there. However, the lovely thing about having so much in so close by is that you usually stumble upon something wonderful. My family and I parked the car in a claustrophobic garage that was real life Tetris, walked to central park, bought hotdogs and sat to listen to swing band play in the warm afternoon sun. The lead singer and her band were smooth and jazzy with a nice little beat that inspired children to dance in the square. I sat on one of those classic central park benches just like in You've Got Mail (Meg Ryan is my hero), and sketched the passerby. When it was time for the reception I was starting to get a little nervous at the thought of who I might meet, but then excitement settled in as we ventured toward the Museum of American Illustration. We met up with fellow NHIA student Brittany Inglese who's work always impresses and whilst mingling, coaxed her into striking up a conversation with her idol Kali Ciesemier, who was s u p e r cool. 

I'm so honored to have been a part of this show. There were so many amazing illustrations and Chuck Pyle gave a really inspirational speech about the Society and how only 200 out of thousands of applicants were chosen for the show. Two of those 200 pieces being mine, I was pretty flattered.  I got to Meet Molly Mendoza who work has been a recent obsession of mine. She won a much deserved scholarship for two of my favorite pieces of hers and was sporting a totally rad red jumpsuit. 

My lovely parents drove home (not before a nostalgic stop at burger king) with my boyfriend and I sleeping on each other in the back seat. Thanks so much to my family and my lovely boyfriend for being so supportive, I couldn't have done this without you guys.