Alexandra Bye is a New Hampshire local who graduated May 2017 with a BFA in Illustration from New Hampshire Institute of Art. She works as a freelance illustrator specializing in fun, colorful illustrations for a variety of media such as editorial and children's publications. She is currently employed at Hitchcock Management in downtown Manchester where she creates logos, illustrated materials and marketing solutions for community  based organizations and small businesses. Her work is constantly inspired by her New England community and her involvement with small business reflects her passion for a flourishing downtown, where artists can come to find inspiration.

Her work has been featured at the Society of Illustrators and has done work for Cartoon Network, PBS, Cloudkid and Random House as well as local companies like GYK Antler, MSN Create, New Hampshire Magazine and DYN. Alexandra's work includes illustrations in a range of traditional media and printmaking techniques like gouache, milk paint, letterpress, relief printing, silkscreen as well as digital media.

In her free time she enjoys mountain biking, Nordic ski racing and hiking in the White Mountains with her dogs.